You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers


Q. What is your teacher/child ratio?

A. We provide small, intimate class sizes to help ensure a safe environment for your child to learn to swim. Our morning classes have a maximum of 3 children per instructor. Our after school classes vary between 3 for beginners, 4 for stroke and 6 for the “big kids” in Squad classes.

Q. How long does each lesson go for?

A. Our lessons are 30 minutes long.  We’ve found this to be the optimum length of time for focused learning and fun for young children. Our squad classes run for 45mins.

Q. What training do your teachers have?

A. All our teachers have completed 40+ hours of intensive classroom and in-water training in the  teaching method and philosophy of Helen’s Swim School. All Aquatic Educators have obtained CPR training and hold a Working with Children blue card and either hold multiple qualifications or are working towards gaining further certification in specialist areas through Swim Australia and associated bodies. Our instructors continue to participate in regular in-house and in-water training sessions and are regularly evaluated for quality assurance, in addition to attending state and national conferences held by the peak swimming bodies in Australia.

Q. What age should my child start lessons?

A. Our swim lessons are available for children 4 months and up. No matter what age your child is, it is NEVER too late to start swim lessons.

Q. What do the lessons cost?

A. Our fees are $20.00 per child per class. The cost is more for private lessons if spaces are available. Each family pays an initial bond of $40 per child which is used as your two week termination notice.

Q. Do you use goggles?

A. All our “little dots” have goggle free time every lesson to ensure that they are aware of swimming without this visual aid. Our older children who are doing laps of the pool will wear goggles on a more regular basis.

Q. Do you provide make ups, credits, or refunds for missed lessons?

A. We offer free make-up lessons if you have notified us  of your cancellation at least 90 minutes before start of your lesson. We do not offer credits or refunds for missed lessons. More details about our Make-Up Policy can be found here.

Q. How often do I need to pay?

A. Invoices are issued monthly and need to paid in full 2 weeks after being issued. Invoices will vary in amounts due to the number of lessons in the calendar month, but will be no more than $95.00 (5 lessons worth) per child.

Q. Do you offer a family discount?

A. We offer a family discount to families with 3 or more full fee paying children enrolled in the program. The third children enrolled in classes is charged $12 per class and the fourth  child’s fee will be $8.

Q. Do you charge for Public Holidays?

A. We do not charge for Public Holidays.

Q. Do you give introductory lessons?

A. Yes, your first class is FREE. We believe that before a child can progress in lessons they need to trust their teacher. Our first class is quite often devoted to gaining the trust of your child and you, the parent.

Q. Is your pool cold?

A. Our pool is heated consistently between 32-33 degrees for the comfort of all our “little dots”. In the colder months all the screens are pulled down creating a lovely warm space to enjoy the lessons.

Q. What do I need to bring to lessons?

A. For children please bring; appropriate swimwear including swim nappy, 1-2 towels per child, a warm change of clothes for after lessons including footwear (all year round) and head wear (for cooler times), a snack and water bottle for after lessons, cap and goggles if required  For adults getting in please bring; appropriate swimwear, 1-2 towels per adult, a change of clothes for after lessons if you desire.

Q. What if my child is not progressing?

A. We always aim to challenge children and continually make progress when possible. However, progress may not always be continuous. It can come in spurts and children will occasionally plateau in their learning. Sometimes, they may even appear to regress. It is not uncommon for some skills to take a while to master, particularly if they are learning a new or difficult skill or combining multiple skills together. Being patient and trusting the process is important, but if there are specific concerns, they can be addressed with your child's Aquatic Educator or the manager. It’s also important to remember that children are accomplishing something by maintaining their existing skills. Many younger children will regress if lessons and regular practice are not continuous or stop for more than a couple of months.

Q. How do I sign-up? When can I start?

A. To enrol in lessons at any time, you can contact us via Facebook, email or phone us on  0408074690 . The enrolment form, bond, and first payment will need to be received prior to the second lesson commencing. Please see our Payment Policies for more information

Q. Can I change my day or time?

A. Just give us a call or drop us an email. The office staff will help you move from your regular lesson time to another more convenient lesson time that is appropriate for the student. Your previous time will then be available to other customers. Please be aware that requested availability may be limited due to other bookings.

Q. Do you use flotation aids?

A. Although we use some aids, such as kickboards and flippers for older swimmers, we don’t use arm bands, back bubbles or vests in our classes. It is easy to develop a false sense of security when using these and this can be dangerous. Our program focuses on the child learning to trust themselves in the water to be able to move through it.

Q. Do you operate during School Holidays?

A. Our Swim School operates outside school terms.
We start first Monday in January and run through until the end of May. We close for our winter break from June until we reopen first Monday in August.
We close for the Christmas holidays mid December.